Smartthings sale at on now

Just a heads up, the starter kit isn’t reduced, but the hub has £20 off, outlet has £9 off, motion sensor £6 off.

Get em while they are hot!


Thanks, just got a couple of cheap things. Shame the Philips Hue never go on sale

rubbish - tried to get a few outlets - there is only 1 available for reserve and collect here … but the same offer is on via the samsung website - which will deliver next day for free - so I did that instead …

Sorry it didn’t furnish you with any items, I managed to secure 2 motion sensors from my local branch, lucky I guess.

thanks for sharing. I was on the fence but decided for £80 to grab a hub and see if I like what it does, got a few z-wave devices that are currently connected to an OpenHAB system at the moment and I got a Philips Hue starter kit delivered this morning. I also have a few Samsung SmartCam Outdoor cams setup. Looks like it could be a busy weekend of tinkering.

Multi Sensor is now also £6 off, so all three of the cheaper sensors are £23.99

Good call, thanks for the heads up…

BTW, if anyone’s near Manchester then you could check out the Currys Clearance Outlet at Ancotes - they usually have SmartThings stuff in, last time I went they had a couple of starter kits for £159 and a Multi Sensor for £22
It’s stuff that’s been sold, returned and tested (with a refurb if needed) and as we’re all quite aware, a lot of returned SmartThings will be due to incompatibilities/user frustration etc. If you take it back as unwanted, it ends up here.

Prices tend to be around 75% of RRP but you can never guarantee what they’ll have without just rocking up there and having a look.

thanks :smile: i got myself the power outlet that samsung didn’t have on offer last week :slightly_smiling:

for philips hue - i got my bulbs on 4 for 3 from amazon and the hub/starter set in the amazon warehouse - maybe worth checking there?

Thanks for the heads up.

I managed to convince myself after sitting on the fence for about 12 months. Just a Hub, single switch and single multi sensor for now to play with, but I have already had to hide my wallet to prevent me going mental buying more switches/sensors! I can see this being quite an obsessive ‘hobby’!

Yeah, good luck with that…that’s what I said. Added 3 more motion sensors, a Gen 2 hue bridge, 4 White Hue bulbs, 1 colour hue bulb and a dimmer.

Hopefully got an Amazon Echo on its way from the US this month too.

haha yeah, looks like I’m about to compliment the ST with a hue setup… starter pack and 2 standard lights seems quite good value considering how much the micro relay boxes go for…

Oh, the Hue does go on sale - I got a GU10 starter kit (3x bulbs plus bridge) for £40, two Lux Starter kits (two bulbs and a bridge each) for £40 each and a regular colour bulb for £14. Even better, I’ve sold the two bridges I didn’t need for £25 each on eBay. I don’t think I’d have bought that many at full price but it was an impulse buy…

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Wow those were pretty good deals especially the gu10 kit. Where did you find that?

Just instore - although I had to hit a few different stores to get what I wanted as it was going fast at that price!
Apparently they changed the Hue packaging when it became Homekit compatible, so all the old stuff had to go to be replaced with the new products - which look almost identical.

Unfortunately I could only get a bayonet Hue, and most of my fitting are screw so the rest of the house has Lux, and one of the rooms I rarely go into has full Hue. I should really change the fittings!

Currys have a Smartthings sale on again.

The Hub, Presence Sensor, and Moisture Sensor are discounted, although the sale dates are showing as ‘from 08/03/16 to 06/04/16’ so maybe it is a bug. I’ve just ordered a presence sensor.

The dates:

“Was £29.99 (from 08/03/16 to 06/04/16)”

Are just advertising the fact that they were on sale for a higher price between the dates of…:slight_smile:

Oops :confused: yes that makes sense

I hope some of the other sensors come on sale too

It would be an ideal time for me for some reductions on the sensors as Im moving house and no doubt will end up expanding my system :grinning:

It did a month ago. I saw it after theyd run out of Hue Tap @ £17.97 each :’(