My Samsung Air conditioner with SmartThings wifi control no longer interfaces with google home

Now that summer is back in full power I decided to turn on my Samsung AC. Something happened over winter that the AC no longer seems to interface with google home at all.

I can still turn it on in the SmartThings app on my phone but in Google home it shows up as a gray screen.

When I try voice control Google Assistant “turn on the air conditioner in the bedroom” the reply is “that mode isn’t available for the room A/C”. Apparently Google can’t control anything about the Samsung AC anymore.

What’s killing me is that now my routines are broken (leaving home, returning etc.).

Has anyone run into this?

You may need to be using the new V3 app. They’ve said that they are going to discontinue the V2 classic app, although they haven’t said when, but they’ve moved pretty much all of the support for Samsung brand smart televisions, vacuums, air-conditioners, etc. to the new app.

You can use both apps at the same time, but you probably won’t be able to use the Samsung brand devices in the old app anymore.

FAQ: how to tell which version of the SmartThings mobile app that you have

I have the same issue. Google assistant integration worked great using the samsung smarthome app (On, Off, mode change, temp change all worked)

New smarthing app (latest android release) and now “that mode is not supported on room AC” when I try to turn it on with google assistant.

Hi there. May I join the question, even if I‘m a newbie here?
I‘ve just installed my new Windfree A/C. The devices are visible and controllable in Samsung Smartthings app(same screenshop as in TS post). Now I wanted to integrate them in Google Home (to control with Google Home mini with voice). The coupling was done and my A/Cs become visible Google Home app, but I can‘t do anything there and also no status is seen.
Is it problem with Google or Samsung?

UPD. I found actually that there are two different connections available in Google Home App - one called Samsung Smart Home and another called Smartthings. Both connect to Samsung account when used and show air condition device, but in both cases it is not controllable.

Hey Samsung, this is a load of crap and won’t stand!

These are extremely expensive electronics, and you can’t simply abandon their development.

When will google home integration be reintroduced?

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Last week I installed also Samsung windless AC and samsung wifi kit, but when I want to set it up on a Smart Things app it is telling me NO Indoor Unit… Tried many things and still nothing, could you tell me what model do you have and how did you linked to smart things app? My model is AC035RN1DKG, but with wired remote control and extra wifi smart kit. thanks

As of now (Jan 2020), this seems to be the only way to get Samsung Aircon working with Google Home:

  1. In the Google Home Linked Services add “Samsung Smart Home”
  2. This is the older Samsung service, predating SmartThings
  3. With this setup your Samsung Aircons will show up in the Google Home, and you will be able to assign them to the rooms. You will be able to say “Hey Google, turn on the aircon”, and it works!
  4. However, you will be able to only turn the aircon on and off, no other controls are available (temperature, cooling mode, etc)

If instead of Samsung Smart Home you will try to link SmartThings, your Samsung aircons will not show up in Google Home. It appears that the Samsung Aricons are being filtered out explicitly on the Google side. To validate that, try the following steps:

  1. login to
  2. find your aricon under the devices list
  3. Click the Edit button on the bottom of the device details page
  4. Change Type from “Samsung OCF Air Conditioner” to “SAMI Samsung Air Conditioner” and hit Save (don’t worry, you’ll be able to switch it back)
  5. Now refresh Google Home
  6. Your Aircon from SmartThings will show up and you can assign it to a room. However you won’t be able to control it (all settings are grayed out)
  7. Change Type back to “Samsung OCF Air Conditioner” in SmartThings, and it will disappear from Google Home

Hopefully Google Home will start supporting “Samsung OCF Air Conditioner” soon! It seems to be so close!

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Hey there,
For some reason, now when I changed back the type, my AC vanished :slight_smile:
I do not see it anymore not even in the ST App.
Has anyone any ideea how to solve this issue?

I have tried adding the AC back in the ST App, but I get an error telling me to move closer

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