Samsung Smart Air Conditioner

(Tommy Strømme) #1

I think it might hav been discussed a few years ago on some similar devices sold in Australia. I have the Nordic version and I was hoping that by now someone might have solved it and managed to get it into ST.

Currently I am using the below app to control my Samsung Smart A/C. I can control at home or on the go.

Even though its connected to my wifi and there are some workaround guides on how to get it into Smartthings by going via Smart Home application it just does not work.

Anyone now of any progress. Its so strange that it is a smart device, created by samsung, and not working in Smartthings.


(Kirk Hilzinger) #2

Interesting…and the same has been true about their televisions so you are not alone.

(Sean Vreeland) #3


I’m not sure if this applies to you but here in the US, the Samsung Smart Home app can’t communicate with any of the A/C units since July (?). I spoke with a technician yesterday about this, and he confirmed that it’s a problem with the Samsung Smart Home application and all their A/C units. I could initially add it with the Smart Home app, and it would show in the ST app, but it shows that the unit is off in both the Samsung Smart home app and Smart Things.