My rooms and devices have gone bonkers (June 3, 2020)

@jkp @sidjohn1 can you post what app and os you are running so that support can help you out.

iOS 13.5.5

App? Use use both new and classic apps… latest versions. Only use Classic to control so not using SHM or routines.

iOS 13.5 w/ ST app 1.6.48

@SamsungZell can track to see if this is an IOS issue.

As a test, I went through the meross setup in the new app and got the same results. All my devices were moved to one room in both apps and the 9 meross devices got duplicated to every room in the Classic app except for the room where all the devices were.

Ha ha, you got to love ST support sometimes. I know they try. Here is the response to my ticket…

Thank you for contacting Samsung SmartThings Support.

In regards to your query, we see that you are unable to find the Meross devices in the New Smarthings app. Let’s troubleshoot and help you in sorting out the issue.

If the Meross devices are not appearing in the New SmartThings app firstly I would recommend you uninstall and re-install the SmartThings New app and let us know the results whether the devices are appearing in the app.

If you are still unable to see that devices in the New SmartThinsg app please get back to us with the below-mentioned details so that we can investigate the issue further.

  • Screenshot from the Classic app where it is showing the devices
  • Screenshot from the New app devices list
  • SmartThings app version you are using
  • The mobile device model and OS version details
  • The exact name and model number of the devices

Feel free to write back to us for any further assistance.

As a side note: @jody.albritton and @Brad_ST have worked with me on this issue which is unrelated to the support email I received. Thanks to them! :slight_smile:


This just happened to me.

I added Withings scale in Connect with the new integration. All my devices moved to the same room I added the scale to and the Withings scale shows up in all rooms.

This has now screwed up rooms for me across both old and new apps on all devices of course.

Is there a fix?

No, there was another user reporting the same issue in another thread earlier today.

And I can’t complete the instructions from my support ticket posted above.

Just awesome. I have 257 devices. That’s hours of works to sort out.

I’ve reported this to SmartThings. I will also report to Meross because I cant add any more of their devices until this gets sorted.

Hey guys!

Thank you so much for reaching out and reporting to the Support Team. I will continue to monitor and track this concern.

I did want to inquire if the Meross Devices firmware is up-to-date as well as the application.

You can confirm if it is using the most recent firmware and app version using this pathway.

Meross App>Account Menu>Firmware update & App update are located here.

I’d like to gather the information of the app and firmware versions.

I hope this message finds you well!


Yes and yes. But in my case, I was not adding any new devices. I was just going though the meross setup.

I also believe there was another user who was going through the withings scale setup when they encountered this issue.


I am sure it is too late at this point but we can likely programmatically move devices back to their proper rooms if the devices are left in the moved state.

Based on additional investigation and user reports, this is likely not specific to meross and might impact other cloud-to-cloud (C2C) integrations.

Thanks. I’ve manually moved everything back now.

Anyone that does manually correct themselves I would highly recommend you follow the link to my post above as there are some gotchas.

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This must be a new prank for the power users by Samsung.


Let me know the best way to engage to have this done, I’ve left mine untouched

I see you have a support ticket so I will reach out via that. As a point of clarification, renaming the devices on June 1st wasn’t the cause. The devices moved in relation to Withings which is similar to what @Nezmo reported.

That makes sense and i did add the scale a couple days before i renamed the devices. I must have missed it cause i dont use the new app very often… though I’m trying to change that. :innocent: Thx for following up!

Installed meross outlets then all my devices were moved to one room same Room as meross devices.

Hi, everyone

Quick update. We’ve been updated that Kasa devices are triggering this issue as well. Our development team has been updated with this info and keeps working on this issue.