My rooms and devices have gone bonkers (June 3, 2020)

All my device have migrated to one room in the new app. In the Classic app, I see the same 9 devices in every room/group.


@Brad_ST. @jody.albritton

I’m checking mine, brb…

All good here @jkp. Both apps working ok (if you consider the new app being slow to be ok…).

Is this post app migration?

I know , it is only me :wink:

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Nothing to migrate.

So you are saying you just woke up this morning and all of your devices had been moved into one room?

No, I have been using both apps today and they were fine. Moments ago, I went to control a device and it was gone from the room it was in. Open the new app, every device was in one room, the other rooms are empty. Went back to Classic and noticed every room lists the same 9 devices except for one room that contains all the devices.

Ok, time to move 100+ devices back to their respective rooms. :frowning:

Please send a ticket to support and let them investigate.


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Just an update…

This issue is probably related to my going through the meross setup this afternoon. When going through the setup, I just let it use the default room which is where all my devices were moved to. Also the same 9 devices that were showing in every room in the Classic were my meross devices.

Lesson learned.

Yeah i had the same thing happen in the new app, added a device in the bathroom and now all my devices are in the bathroom.

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I wish physical housework was like this. Wash one dish and suddenly all the dishes are washed.

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Were you also adding meross devices?

No (filler to reach 10 characters)

I have no meross devices, i went back to double check and for me it happened on June 1st when i renamed a 2 virtual devices (ST Virtual Device Creator). At the time I didn’t think anything of it because it looked like it only effected the device i made the change on (iPad). It took a bit but my iPhone shows the samething now.

@jkp @sidjohn1 can you post what app and os you are running so that support can help you out.

iOS 13.5.5

App? Use use both new and classic apps… latest versions. Only use Classic to control so not using SHM or routines.

iOS 13.5 w/ ST app 1.6.48

@SamsungZell can track to see if this is an IOS issue.

As a test, I went through the meross setup in the new app and got the same results. All my devices were moved to one room in both apps and the 9 meross devices got duplicated to every room in the Classic app except for the room where all the devices were.