Meross device import moves all existing devices to 1 room

I have 4 x Meross Smart plugs, model MSS310, and last night set them up in the Meross app and then proceeded to import into the SmartThings app. It all went fine, no issues until I realised that all my SmartThings devices had now been moved to the Living room which is where I’d configured the smart plug. I thought maybe I’d done something wrong so walked through the process again with a second plug. Same outcome. Has anyone else seen this? Have I done something noob here? I dont want to install any more of these until I can figure out why this is happening.

Yes, I experienced this issue last week.

Did you manage to get it resolved? If not, I’m going to report this as well. I have 2 more smart plugs to setup and I’m confident I’ll be able to repro this again for each.

Hi, I am using the new app and today I added 2 new Meross plugs and all my devices were moved to the same room… very strange

Report it to ST support

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The logs from all three of you have been collected but if you haven’t, please do report to support or from the new app (Hamburger menu --> Contact us --> Report a problem). You can also notify meross at