My older model sensors just not "it" anymore?

So I bought a v2 hub set that included the sensors, 1 motion, etc… Basically a 5 piece kit.

Looking at the ST site, it seems I may have the 2015 of the multi-purpose sensors. I have one in particular that has seemed to fail for good as no matter what I do, new battery, reset, delete/add as device back to hub, I still cannot get it to work again even though it does flash blue. Never do see anything flash red or any other color. That said, should I just trash it?

I do have a couple of the newer ones that say IM6001, and so far seem okay. Are the ST sensors like these the best for the money? Especially to connect to ST, HA, etc.?

Blue means it’s trying to join. Green is what you want to see. Try resetting the device, be close to the hub when joining, and I’d try using the Classic app to add the device if that doesn’t work (shouldn’t make a difference, but it’s worth a shot).

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