Resetting "stuck" motion sensor

My ST motion senor was “stuck” in motion starting about a month ago. I took out the battery and re-inserted it to restart the motion sensor and it was working about for a few weeks. A few days ago it was stuck in motion again, so I replaced it with a new battery and it was working for a day and then “stuck” again.

I read that there’re several threads on this and all seem to report that “resetting” the sensor would bring it back to life. So today I took out the battery again, pressed and held the reset button and inserted the battery. I did not delete the device from ST because there’re a bunch of smartapps associated with it and it’s a pain to remove and then put them back so I was taking a chance. The sensor seemed to be connecting to the hub right away without me having to do anything.

When I checked the status of the sensor from the “device monitor” community smartapp, it shows the sensor is reporting again (it wasn’t reporting before reset). However, the device page still “stuck” on motion and it’s not updating the status. None of the other smartapps worked and from the IDE site, the device is shown as offline. Reboot the hub doesn’t make any difference.

I do not know how “device monitor” sees the device but not others, but from the IDE it looks like ST doesn’t know it’s status even it’s connected to the hub. Is there a way to reconfig the device without having to go through the trouble of deleting all the smartapps then delete the device and then reinstall them again after I add it as a “new” device?


Try turning “device health” off in the ST android/IOS. It’s causing plenty of headache for many users. I have it off 3 days after they deployed that due to the device offline fault.
There are also 2 other things. Interference and Mesh. WiFi with the same channel is messing up your sensor or you mesh changed.

I haven’t update my app so I don’t have device health showing, I guess I’ll update my app to disable it.

And my question now is rather is there a way to associate a device in my ST list back to a device connected to the hub already? Is it simply by matching the Zigbee Id and the device network id?

I suppose the zigbee id is always the same with the same sensor hardware? how about the device network id? Is there any way to find out what’s the network id of the sensor that’s already connected to the hub?

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You can go into ST IDE and under devices. You will find both zigbee id and network id.

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Huh, may be I misunderstood the problem. I am under the impression that the ID in the IDE is wrong because the status is shown as offline.

However the sensor appears to be connecting to the hub because the “device monitor” smartapp is showing the sensor is reporting every few minutes.

You can compare the event log of the device in IDE against the monitor smartapps. Also I don’t think it’s possible to pair the same device and get a new device ID in IDE without deleting the Device first.
I think you should turn off device health check in the ST app. Go into the device and click the X to bring this device back to life.