Help reconnection ST multisensor please

I tried to set up a smartthings multi sensor as a tilt on the mailbox door. had it synced with the hub then I think i went out of range and it would not update status. while out of range, I deleted it from the classic app. since then, it will not reconnect with the v2 hub. its the newer style sensor so ive tried holding button until red blink and releasing. ive tried leaving hub powered off for 2.5 hours. the funny thing is that while the hub is not in sync mode , the sensor blinks blue indefinitely , but when the hub is in pair mode, the sensor blinks red thrice, then blue 2-3 times , then green 2-3 times and then off. its like its connecting but not registering in the app. ive tried both apps.

If you don’t delete the device from the app before resetting it and repairing it then it won’t show up as a newly joined device in the join screen. Since the sensor is going green it sounds like it is repairing successfully so it might actually be working OK again.

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not clear tom. will I be able to see the device in the pairing section on the app?

first thing I did was deleted from the app. then reset from the sensor.

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Bump bump. Hoping someone will chime in with some help

I have two of the new smartthings multisensors both have gone offline at the same time I have tried to re pair them and reset both but neither of them show the green or red lights I have changed the cr2450’s and no difference