SmartThings Hub 2015 Blue LED Light

Okay, so I just got a new hub (its the 2015 type A. K. A. V2 I think.) that used to be owned by somebody else, and we factory resented it 3 TIMES because we thought the problem was that it wasn’t resetting, but it is resetting, there’s just a bug in the system or something. So a blue and green light keeps going on, its blue for a long time then periodically it changes green, but every time I try, EVEN WHEN ITS GREEN it shows up with “Cannot connect to hub, check your internet” when I enter the welcome code. Just saying it came in the home monitoring set and the welcome code was on like paper instead on being in the battery pack, don’t know if it makes a difference. Please help me!

You should open a ticket with ST support. You can do that from the app > menu > contact us


Thanks! I was actually planning on doing that just now but then I saw your message.

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