SmartThings Motion Sensors flashing two blue, one green, can't connect

I have two identical motion sensors that went offline and I cannot get them to reconnect. Here is what I have tried so far:

  1. Replacing the batteries with brand new batteries.
  2. Removing one device entirely via the SmartThings app.
  3. Pressing reset while battery is still in.
  4. Holding down reset as I insert the battery.

One sensor blinks blue three times, pauses, repeats. When I put the hub in pairing mode, the light changes to two blue flashes, a long green flash, pause and then repeat. If I take the hub out of pairing mode, the lights go back to the blue only pattern.
The other sensor flashes two blue one green regardless of what the hub is doing.
When I try to re-pair a sensor, I place it within inches of the hub.
The wireless router is on a different floor.
The reset button no longer does anything on either sensor. The lights do not change to orange. They always blink blue or blue, blue, green.

i am also having same issues. i was unable to repair any sensors smartthings sensors and Iris Sensors. Having issues since Friday. sent email to support. no response yet.