My new Aeotec hub won’t complete setup

Good morning, I can’t register my aeotec v3 Hub, it gives me error 33-506. also reset the device, it doesn’t complete the recording

Try powering off the hub for a couple of minutes.

What is the color of the led light on the hub?

Thank you very much, I do some tests, even though I have already done a lot of them.

The light on the hub, and fixed blue

Solid blue means:

Hub is claimed and connected to the network, but has no internet or server connection.

Make sure to check SmartThings status webpage to ensure that SmartThings cloud is operational. If it is, try swapping between WiFi and Ethernet.

I would recommend contacting ST support. In the ST app, go to Menu and select Contact us to find the contact options available in your region.

Thanks again, for your availability

Hi, I had to change my Samsun account after so many attempts, to make my HUB recognized

Could you help me with edge files, I have various Sonoff Zegbee 01-02-03 devices, sonoff mini zegbee.

Thank you so much