Stuck on flashing blue v3 hub

Hi, I’m stuck in flashing blue after resetting my hub. Tried everything, any help??

which model hub do you have?
curious - why did you reset it?

have you tried powering it down (removing batteries if v2) for a minute and powering it back up?


Blinking Blue
There is no Ethernet or WiFi connection. This can happen if you allow Smart Home Hub to timeout its setup process.
Simply unplug your hub, and then re-plug your hub. If using WiFi, try connecting it to Ethernet.

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V3, tried removing power source a couple of times and nothing new, tried resetting again and nothing, still flashing blue

Have been doing this several times, nothing, plugged in to Ethernet cable, reset router, changed cables, nothing

best recommendation is to contact ST support and lert them investigate

did you try connecting by wifi instead of ethernet?

Yes, seems to have lost wifi as well.