New Aeotec Smart Hub V3 fails to finish connecting to SmartThings Android app with error 33-303

After a hard/factory reset, my new Aeotec Smart Hub enters red/green pairing mode after a couple of minutes of startup. The hub is connected to my router via Ethernet and is in my router’s client list. The hub is found immediately by Android SmartThings on my Galaxy phone via the QR code on hub bottom. The SmartThings app enters the connection process but on the final step fails with the message:

“Something went wrong. Hub not found. Make sure your hub is connected to your network [it is :wink:] and the light on your hub is flashing red and green [it is :wink:]. Error code: 33-303”.

Googling for SmartThings error code 33-303 returns literally nothing. I have tried everything I can think of and have landed here. Any help is appreciated! (If this is – to some of you – an obvious stupid problem on my part, or if I am in the wrong category, my apologies in advance ;-))

Thanks, John

If you are using wifi… switch over to ethernet or vice versa.

Thanks for your help :blush:, but so far no change.

I am using ethernet directly into my router, and my router shows the connection as solid. If I choose wifi during the the SmartThings app hub setup, I am never asked for SSID or passphrase, and thus the hub never gets connected to my router via wifi. How can I connect to wifi if I cannot enter the network information? Can I connect the hub to my router’s wifi without using the SmartThings app?

Thanks, John

Exact same thing happened to me, can’t solve it now. This piece of junk is wasting my time, so disappointed