My kingdom for a

A day where I’m not having to dick around with this system. Every damned day seems there’s a different issue. Nothing is consistent so you can’t trouble shoot it. The system works fine if you just want it as a remote control or motion sensor trigger other then that there is no automation. Can’t use any of the presence sensors if I do they come and go several times a day on their own. My kitchen lights are on fairly elaborate scene changes. Worked fine for a month. Now for days response is random. Lights fade halfway. rules don’t fire. Simple commands in smartlights like turn porch lights off at 12:36 work when they want. Just a simple command turn off lights at X time. nothing else . and it can’t complete it or turns one of the 2 off. The joke is no longer funny. Damn lights just went out as I’m right this, WTF. How do you get tech to help when there’s a different problem every day.


Was just thinking the same thing. Last night my garage door was reported as opened. It had worked fine for several weeks. I even have conditions set up that state the door must be open for a certain amount of time. Failed last night. Then Smartthings stated it lost and then regained connection with my Ecobee 3 thermostat several times throughout the night. It had worked flawlessly before but somehow it now loses access credentials. I mean c’mon.

My wife said to me this morning, “Your Smartthings is not very smart.” I told her that I agree.

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@TEWphotography just about all of your issues are covered by posts already made to this forum as well as how to resolve them. The search feature is your friend. I’ll start you off with logging. As someone who has over 60 devices most of which are not supported, my environment is fairly stable and I do have some complex automations, I use modes and SHM and this is how I troubleshoot my own issues.

As a side note any threads where @JDRoberts has left a comment treat them as gold. He has a better grasp of the technologies at play than just about anyone.

If research is not your thing you can always wait for to get back to you, but I find that the more u know the less you’ll u complain.