Automation rule not working

Hey everyone. I’ve got the new app installed as it allows you to create if/this rules for automation. I have a rule set up as pictured but the lights will not go off once the door has closed even though it should after 10 min.

Or maybe I’m not.doimg something right? Any help is appreciated.

Have you cycled the door? Also I’ve noticed with the new app if you do anything like turn them off and on it interrupts it.
Try using the smartlighing smart app it seems to be more reliable

Oh yeah. It’s been cycled multiple times. I don’t actually use the new app. Just set the rules up. I’ll give the other smart app a try but I feel like I didn’t use it because it won’t do what I wanted it to.

Yeah. I can’t see a way to delay the off action?

The option in smart lighting is under "more options " it the for motion and contact sensors

Did you try the automation without the delays?

I found it. It was under power allowance. Thanks for your help.

I haven’t. But I want the delays. I want the garage lights to come on when the garage door opens. Then go off once it’s closed. But only after we are out of the garage. Also want to be able to see when we are in the garage. The 10 min delay is to allow for this.

I know, I was just wondering if the automation was capable of turning the lights off at all.

Ahhh gotcha. Yeah I didn’t even bother trying. Sorry man.

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