Does anyone know what's up?

SmartThings has been unstable for me for almost 2 weeks now. Tonight once again the only thing working for me is controlling the lights with the app.

What’s happened that the services has gone down hill so badly?


Try recycling power to the hub. Otherwise contact support.

Same here, been very bad for several weeks, what’s been changing?


I am seeing no sending of zwave events right now, RX works fine but TX is hosed. ZigBee is fin .

This is what I think is happening as well. I have motion sensors that seem to work fine, but those are smartThings motion sensors, which I believe are zigbee.

I’ve opened numerous tickets with support. I am getting delayed responses from them. It’s been so bad here that my wife has asked if I could look into another Home automation hub. :frowning:

It has definitely been a drop in quantity the past few weeks, devices not working properly, slow to no response on timed events, now double notifications the past few days. I’m moving toward the same boat. Tired of putting so much effort into getting devices that are sold as a standard to function. Promises of MyQ integration and better/more device types appears to have fallen short. The near threat of a higher priced V2, when V1 is dying on the vine, scares me even more with most competitors nearly giving hubs/systems away. The only plus is the community, but unfortunately it may be what hurts the system, it appears we rely too much on them to get things working vs getting good solid official DeviceTypes established and in the system. New users should not be copying and pasting code to get popular devices to function or calling support to get a device a vendor says is compadiable to even get on the network (come to find out most are never certified). We have no official release on the most popular garage system, wall mounted remote controls and a video camera? Now everything else is blowing up? Do I really want to invest more time with this system or even more cash on a system from the same company? It may be time to at least look at others, especially when they are nearly free…


I love the new messages and notifications I now get on nearly a daily basis that something is messed up, the a short time later that it’s fixed? It never fixed my problems, so are you telling me there are even more issues?

I know! It used to be so stable with minimal problems. The alternatives aren’t Nearly as flexible, but the stability of smartThings has me worried.


I returned home about an hour ago and I had to wait almost a minute for the garage to open. It used to open when I entered my block. I feel like I got moved to a crap server or something. I used to be so happy.

I also have seen issues with the platform the last couple of days. In my case, the actions that failed to fire were all Z-wave devices, sunrise or sunset related. Yet, if you visit the Platform Status page, there are no incidents reported over the last day or two.

Same for me, delayed responses to everything. More worrying it the apparent complete lack of responses from SmartThings on these threads…

I noticed a few issues that started after DST (which, FFS, how is Imaginary Time still a thing?!). For example, my Sonos is set up with the lab app that delivers a weather report in the morning and that failed right around DST. I may open a ticket.

I have zigbee, zwave, and mode changes all failing to fire because of a missed sunset trigger. Support is looking into it.

I am in same boat with regard to other’s dissatisfaction with the current state of the platform. Its in complete disarray. Nothing works - cannot find Hue bridge, motion sensors do not work, multi sensors do not work, etc.

The problem is clearly not with the individual devices. Its with the platform – which have undergone many “updates” recently in order to get it ready for Hub v 2.0. Which is fine in general – except that its updates have essentially made my hub worthless.

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10 Days later and all seems much better, I have not done anything, thus I suspect ST has made some background changes to correct the latency issues… Still not as good as it was, but at least items are functional again, still a little slow at times…

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I bought my ST Hub about a month ago and I’m about to get a Vera.

My friend just ordered his Vera. If he likes it, I may switch as well. It’s unfortunate since I really want to believe in smartThings.

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