My Hub is Offline

Anyone have any issues with their hub. All my devices just went offline and my hub is offline but I can ping my hub


there have been a couple of instances with hub issues over the past two days but nothing currently showing on the status page. that doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue at the moment… only that it hasn’t been posted yet .

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Yea it went offline came back up for a few minutes and went back down.

do report it to ST support

it has been a long time since I had to do this. Point me in the right direction please

you can do it though the new app > menu > help


My hub has also just gone offline. I just used the app to report the issue. Power cycling the hub did not help.

Mine just came back again and I did report it. They must be screwing around with stuff again

Mine looks like it is trying, going from green to blue light. Wasn’t able to control any lights yet and now it’s back blue and offline.


Some users in the Americas may be experiencing delays or intermittent failures when controlling devices or running automations. Hubs may also show an offline status. We are currently investigating and will provide updates as available.

Posted 3 minutes ago. Nov 19, 2020 - 22:13 EST


My system was up and running this morning

I have bern down since tuesday. I did call and they escalated my issue to the next level.

Well it is down again. Nice Thanksgiving present

Have the fast blinking blue light

Oh this is very weird. Ok I it is getting g status updates from everything based on the log but it shows offline and I can’t control any devices. I manually turned on two switches and it shows them on in the log but it shows them offline

Well it appears I am thr only one experiencing this?

tried rebooting your router? a different ethernet cable and in a different port on router or switch? made any changes recently on your home network, etc?

Done it all. I look at the history and all my devices are showing the status. Temps are comng in. If I turn on a switch by hand it shows in the history. I see motions changing. BUT I go look at the devices they show offline and my hub show offline. Have bebootedbthe router. Have reset the hub. Have tried a different port…

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definitely report the issue to ST support

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