My House at a Glance

I posted last week a little hack to show all my open windows:

Well, I’ve created a Whole House View so that I can see all kinds of other information in one place:

The code is here, feel free to hack away at it…


Way to create a user interface with what tools are available!


So, what do you see as a benefit here over the dashboard stuff.

Not saying there isn’t a use for this, just don’t see one myself. What benefit are you getting from it? :smile:

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One place to see all the things I care about. Open windows, open & unlocked doors. The average temp in the house (average from every sensor) & the current energy usage. Three of those have no dashboard equivalents.


I could see a use for my thermostat SmartApp I’m working on. Granted it would be in conjunction with virtual devices to account for temperature offsets and what the actual setpoints were set to.


Interested to see it in action but I don’t have any smart locks so I cannot proceed forward. Is it possible to remove the required fields?

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I think I figured out the required field. I change them to false and was able to get the app installed. But when i go into the At A Glance I get – for all my items. Also, in the Thing section I don’t see the device that was created however on my iPhone I do see the device.

I hacked it together over the weekend, it’s not very “defensive” of not having the devices it needs. I’m betting it’s throwing on some null value. If you look in the logs it should show you that.

I’ll see if I can add some defensive code for things that don’t exist.

Thanks Dav. Yes I did see that on your GitHub you had “defensive code for things that don’t exist” and I thought that might be the case but when it comes to coding stuff I am lost. I checked the logs for the device and it showed nothing same with the activity log on my iPhone.

Just pushed up a new version of the SmartApp that should help if you don’t have all the devices that I have. The SmartDevice will still report invalid settings for them. But you can easily remove them from the gui:

That is the list of the tiles, if you remove any of them from lines 96-99 they will no longer show up.

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This is great but i still don’t see the “Which Thing?” (the device I created in the beginning of the instructions) in the Smart App. I must be missing something. Sorry.

Sorry about that, I accidentally removed the capability of the device. I’ve pushed new device and app code. It should work with these.

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So far so good. A few things I noticed.

  1. Took a bit of time for all the sensor to populate in the Smart App.
  2. Aeon Energy Meter v1 is not showing up.
  3. Door Sensor would not show until added Window Sensor. I have not yet tried to turn off the window sensors to see if that makes a difference. Will try later.

This is a very useful app for me. Run easier than the native ST dashboard. Well done!


Thanks for the feedback!

I’ll add in a sync on install to populate the fields immediately. If you “tap the app” it should sync all of them.

I have a v1 energy meter, where is it not showing? In the list? Or just the data from it? Are you using the native device or a community device? I’m currently using the community device as it worked for me better.

I’ll check my logic for the doors & windows to make sure I didn’t Bork them up.

Thanks Dav. The data from the energy meter is not showing in the smartapp. Sorry should have been more clear about that. And I believe I am using the standard device type for the energy meter not the community device type. I will have to search around and see if I can find that.

Here’s the one that I use:

Just pushed up a new SmartApp version, let’s see if that fixes your issues.

Awesome energy meter showed up! I did not switch the device type code so it still is using the standard Aeon device type. I have removed the windows from the list but it still shows 0/9 in windows. Maybe it takes a bit of time to get caught up.I have closed out of the app completely and went back. I will keep and eye on it.

Yeah, the handler doesn’t even get called if the windows don’t exist. Let me see about resetting those stats too.

Just pushed up a new version of the app that should reset things to 0/0 if they are not in the list of items selected. Let me know how that goes.