My experience with the GoControl FS20Z-1 Isolated Contact Fixture module

I thought I’d relate my experience with the GoControl FS20Z-1 as it might save someone else some aggravation.

I got this device to use as in place of a rain sensor for my non-smart irrigation controllers. (I know that smart irrigation devices are available but I wanted a lower-cost solution.) To get it paired I had to do a general device exclusion using a double-tap on the device button. Then when I tried to add it again the ST hub recognized it and in the app it appeared to respond to on/off commands but the FS20Z status did not change. I ran a Z-Wave repair, there were some messages about the device and afterward it did actually respond to the app on/off commands.

I wanted to move it out to the garage (after adding a closer Z-Wave device as a repeater), but was unable to remove the device in its current location from the hub. I went through the device removal process and tried tap, tap, tap, tap/hold and tap, tap, tap/hold many times without success. I even tried moving the hub to within 8 feet of the device but that didn’t help. My second call to Nortek support (the person who answered on my first call just read me what the instructions said) got me someone who said to do the force remove then do the general device exclusion and double-tap the FS20Z button, which worked.

It’s in place now in my garage and functioning. Hope this helps. :slight_smile: