HELP with FS20Z Linear Z-Wave Isolated Contact Fixture Module

I am trying to Reconnect my FSx0Z to my hub. I assume I need to reset so I can do this. Does anyone know how to do this?

Have you tried removing it first and re-pressing the program button on the fixture?

I finally got it to work. Thanks for the help

What category is this under? I can’t find it to add it.

I have my FS20Z connected to my hub and want to use it to close the circuit to the rain sensor on my non-smart irrigation controller using the two blue wires. The idea is that if I’m away and note that there’s been sufficient rain, I can send a command that would turn the device off and thus stop watering. When I get this to work I may pursue adding a routine that examines data from a ground moisture probe (although I understand that they are not so reliable) or my weather station but doing it manually would be fine for now.

I know there are smart irrigation controllers but I prefer not to spend that much right now. The FS20-Z shows as a Z-Wave Relay but although I can send on/off commands to it, it doesn’t seem to do anything when I test it with a continuity tester. For other users, some posts have suggested changing the device type to Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch but when I do that, the device doesn’t respond at all when I try to activate it from the ST app.

Does anyone know what device type to use for this purpose?

I ran a network repair and it seems to be working now. The hub characterized it as a Z-Wave Relay.