Everything Disappearing In Andrioid App

I brought up the app and half my stuff was gone along with a majority of my rooms. So I logged out and back in, it informed me everything was being deleted and it would take 6 hours. All of my devices are missing and all the routines I had created except 3.

The Groovy interface still has all my devices. The stock web interface is missing half of my devices and all my routines.

What’s up?

Probably a good idea if you contact ST support directly and have them investigate. :slight_smile:

Doing so in the background, wasn’t sure if anyone else was gettingthis.

Basic troubleshooting. No solution. Escalating the call.

It is the new stuff that has the issue, IDE is OK.

OK… let’s clarify. In the ST app, if you go to the Devices section… half your devices have disappeared and the majority of your rooms.

The stock web interface is missing half of my devices and all my routines. Which URL? Because I do not remember Routines being listed there.

Correct, along with the routines. Some automations are left. But if I go to the IDE screen, it shows all 91 devices that I have on my network, and the Hub shows 83 devices still online.

The devices that are still showing in the app are all showing offline, but only some of them are actually offline.

woooo… where are you looking. Now if you are clicking on the hub and looking at connected devices… that is a different story. Edge devices are not listed there.

so… the question is… do all your devices show in the Devices section?

Under IDE, yes. All 91 devices are there including the ones that are not currently online.

ok… so are you looking in the ST app in Devices > All devices or are you looking in the ST app in Devices > your hub > Connected Devices? :slight_smile:

In the App: Devices/All Devices 32 Devices - cant access the hub as it says it is off line.

In IDE Devices & Under Hub (for the 83)

what does IDE show for the status of your hub?

Active and I can access it. Last event was 15 minutes ago.

did Support have you try clearing app cache or signing out/in?

Both and then uninstall and install. BTW 31 devices do show in the Beta web app but do display correct on line status. The hub is not showing.

I have driven you crazy for the night :slight_smile: so I should stop

It is a strange one… rooms disappearing and the message about everything being deleted.

I hope they resolve it for you

Same things I went over with him. What I don’t get is if it is just the app then the Web Beta should still be OK. Also the app and Beta are showing two different sets of info. As far as online status.

So do I, I have been frustrated with the Edge stuff, now a possible complete rebuild?

no platform issues are showing on the Status page but if it is one, it could take time before there is a post

Yeah – first place I went. This is just odd. But it all ties to the new interfaces.

After a night of running room to room to unplug and manually turn things off and on, I am more frustrated than ever with ST… the never-ending conversion to Edge that breaks things with no replacement “yet”, wondering what will and will not work from day to day, and the very real possibility I am going to end up rebuilding my network to include the 60+ automations and rules I have running my home. It has been a long seven years.

While I await a response, I am browsing other options - if I have to rebuild all that I had from scratch it will be with a new system.