All Devices and all Automations are simply gone (23 feb 2021)

Suddenly tonight all my devices that I had organized on the app are gone, all my automations are gone. If you go into settings and click on all devices they are still in there however I can’t write any automations with them as it acts like they don’t exist. This is awful and does anybody know what I can do??

try signing out and sign back in. note: your dashboard will get rearranged.

I tried that, nothing happened…Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

last thing to try… remove the app and reinstall

if that fails… contact ST support

So are my devices in the cloud then? Including the automations?? I have hundreds of items…Thanks

yes, they are in the cloud

Suddenly they all just appeared, yikes I think I just aged a bit. Thanks for your help.

Dozens of threads of bugs like this indicate the architecture as embodied in the new app is badly implemented (or designed).

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