My 220V woes - 2nd floor sensors intermittant

Having looked around at various threads, I’m not exactly sure what I should do so I need some advise here

I have a US frequency hub with about 10 window/door sensors. Works Great! However, I’m in a country that uses 220v power main. It’s fine because the hub has autoswitching power plug and the sensors I currently use are battery powered.

However, moving a few sensors upstairs has given intermittent results (often not work and events not showing up)

So my questions are

  1. Does the ST Hub v2 support both US and EU frequencies? I saw the below post — If it did, i’d love to be able to add dimmer’s, switches and such like the rest of you :slight_smile:
    "That may change for version 2, we don’t know. "
    Looking for devices support 220V and do not need neutral wire

  2. Is anyone aware of a repeater/wall plug/power bar that will work on US frequency but 220v?
    I saw some chats about Aeotec, but I would like to confirm its autoswitching and not creating a fire hazzard. The reason for this is to extend the signal upsairs at my house.
    Aeon Labs DSD37/US Range Extender on 240VAC

Many thanks for any advice!

The Samsung SmartThings hub (usually called V2 in the forums) comes in two different models. One only supports the US zwave frequency. The other only supports the EU Zwave frequency. Neither can be switched to the other. That’s just how most Zwave controllers work.

The hub does include two different controllers, but one is for Z wave, and the other is for Zigbee. This means you can have devices of both these protocols on your account, regardless of whether the Z wave controller is on the US or the EU frequency.

Zigbee is the same in both countries except that US regulations allow the radio frequency signal strength to be higher. So zigbee devices manufactured for sale in the US often use what is called “boosted” or “amplified” Zigbee, which would not be legal for operation in the EU.

There are many battery powered Zigbee sensors available, in fact I think most of the ones that work with SmartThings are. So it may be that what you were actually trying to do is extend the zigbee mesh. I mention that because zigbe devices can only repeat for other zigbee devices, and Z wave devices can only repeat for others zwave devices. So if you are trying to use a Zwave device to repeat for zigbee, your network is probably going to break.

The first generation SmartThings motion sensor which was USB powered could act as a Zigbee repeater. But I don’t think it’s sold anymore. A few retailers might still have it. It is the one with the micro USB power port.

Alternatively, you should look for a zigbee plug-in device that works on your voltage that uses the zigbee home automation profile (usually abbreviated ZHA 1.2). Those have the best chance of working with SmartThings.

If instead it does turn out that you are in fact trying to extend a US frequency Z wave network, if you can find a Z wave lightbulb by linear, Domitech, or Aeon labs that works in your fittings, those will act as zwave repeaters as long as they are on the same frequency that you’re using.

These lightbulbs are often useful to get signals up stairways where there are no places to plug things in.

Note however, very important, zigbee lightbulbs like Hues will only repeat for others zigbee lightbulbs. (There are some zigbee light bulbs that are supposed to repeat for sensors, but forum members report it’s difficult to tell which will and which won’t except that Hues won’t.)

Anyway, the first question is exactly what protocol are the sensors using that you have been losing connection with? Are you sure they are US zwave and not zigbee?

If they are US zwave, A zwave lightbulb might work.

If they do turn out to be zigbee, you’ll need to look for a zigbee repeater, but probably not a lightbulb. The Samsung plug-in outlet made for the UK is 220 V and is a zigbee ZHA 1.2 repeater, but I don’t know if it fits your country’s receptacles.

Thank you JD! Apologies for not including all the neccessary details.

I do indeed (checked on graph.api.ST) have both zigbee (Smarthings sensors) and Z-Wave Sensor (Mainly z-wave)
The zigbee are all on the first floor/garage and work fine.
The Z-wave are on the second floor. It seems to be an issue with just one so I’m not sure if it’s just that one. Will test tonight.

So i’m in need of a z-wave repeating device that runs 220v.

The good news. I’ve spoken to Aeon and many of their sensors are auto-switching despite saying only 110v.

Here are the models (Their model numbers) that he advised - mixed with the sale part numbers - both can be searched

Hope this helps someone

ZW096-A02 - Smart Switch6, Gen 5
DSC24-ZWUS - Smart Switch Zwave Appliance Module
ZW075-A1 - Smart Switch Gen 5
DSC06106-ZWUS - Smart Energy Switch

DSC11 - Not rated above 110v (despite what vendor told me)
DSC25-ZWUS - It can handle 220v, but only 60hz (My power is 220v 50hz)


Here is a deviice I’m using to control my dryer… It it wired in line though.

And here is the device type for it.

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So the problem you have is that you need a Z wave repeating device that can run the US frequency (which starts with a nine, not eight) and which will run on your voltage, which is 220.

So it does sound like if the Aeon devices with the US frequency will handle the higher voltage, that will probably be the easiest repeater for you. As long as you have some place to power it.

After you add the repeater device, you need to new a Z wave repair utility to make sure that the old devices will route through the new repeater device.

It seems as though the Aeon Labs devices will work. So happy they have auto-switching power.

Is it not possible to have a hub with both US frequency and EU frequency. I mean, why is this so difficult? 2 Radios would solve all my issues.

Make the OS so that you can only enable one, but make sure it’s hackable to allow both.

I may just have to order some Aeon’s from amazon and ship them oversees. Can’t go without my ST hub being up to date or intermittent doors.

Thanks JD for the repair links

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Two radios of any kind in one plastic box is technically difficult. In fact that was actually one of the pretty radical things that SmartThings did was to put a zwave antenna and a zigbee antenna in the same box. It’s like putting your Wi-Fi router next to your microwave. Even when they’re on different frequencies, they can create static for each other. Takes a lot of engineering.

As far as a single Z rave radio that could be tuned to the different frequencies, that runs into two different sets of issues.

The first is regulation. Many countries legally restrict the Z wave frequency that can be used in their country, because it may interfere with walkie-talkies used by first responders, sometimes even with GSM phones. For example it is illegal to use The US frequency Zwave in New Zealand. Or even to import the equipment without special license. So if you don’t lock down the frequency at the factory, the device may actually be illegal.

The second is just cost. A tunable antenna would probably add at least $500 to the cost of the device, and maybe more.

So while the idea of being able to have a single hub that could switch frequency from US region to EU region seems simple, I don’t actually know of any Home automation controllers from any brand that do this.

potential interference probably guided the original hub design, that indicates Zwave or Zigbee max power orientation in different directions.

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Hi guys sorry is this is not the right topic to reply, but is was here I could feel pains more close to mine so here it goes:

  • I have recently bought a STv2 kit on Amazon and am using it happily for almost one month on 220V.
    Yes I do know all about the radio issues US vs EU so just assume I live in a place with no neighbors around me meaning no interference problem.
    My real issues are about finding devices which I can safely use on 220V with are US radio frequencies compatible (more relevant obviously for Zwave). Therefore this tips about auto-switch devices (like these Aeon devices) are pure gold to me.
    I have been using original 2 Samsung Smart-plugs (the same included on current US STv2 Kit) and no overheating no problems what so wever… One is linked on one 40w corridor table lamp which is triggered by battery powered Smartthings motion sensor. Other, as master to all my Media center stuff TV, STB, BLURAY etc to give me real time power consumption… all is working jus great so is it possible that these new US Smartthings Smart Outlets are (as Aeon devices) auto-switching? Or Am I just being lucky and should unplug these 2 outlets immediately??

Where you able to find any products?

Hi everyone,

I tried their Repeater / extender and it works 110v/220v…
I have yet to try the other products.