Smartthings & Zigbee only = working in Europe?


would it be possible to use the smartthings hub in europe using only zigbee?
Which zigbee frequencies are used by smartthings hub and things? Only 2.4GHz or also 868Mhz?

My guess will be if I only use Zigbee and WLAN (e.g. Sonos) devices it would work the same in EU then in US?
I guess also all battery powered Zigbee sensors will work only the actuators not because they dont work with 230V, right?

Did anybody import Smartthings Hub with a shipping forwarder to the EU or is using the device in the EU?


ZigBee runs on a set of common channels in 2.4Ghz band world wide.
Z-Wave is 908.42Mhz US and 868.42Mhz EU

I have looked into exporting ZigBee products before and basically the only difference in a ZigBee radio between the US and EU is the power output. The radios can be higher power in the US so most OEMs just make the chips low power so they work internationally. I see the CE mark on the outside of the SmartThings Hub box so I bet they are using the lower power ZigBee radio.

Now Z-Wave is going to be your problem. Z-Wave uses different frequencies in each country so you probably cant use a Z-Wave device on a US frequency in the EU. I don’t know if there is a way to shutoff the Z-Wave radio inside the hub so it may not be legal to use the Hub in the EU. This is just my guess I’m not a SmartThings employee and I would like to be corrected if this is wrong.

I only run ZigBee devices with my hub here in the US and it works great so you can certainly do that but my Z-Wave radio is still on inside the SmartThings hub.

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Thanks for the answer John.

Does anybody know if there is a software switch for zwave radio or any hardware connection I can cut?

Smartthings are for US only.
I think you should instead check out Fibaro or Vera lite.
You dont need zigbee. Vera and Fibaro have RGBW controller, and just buy normal LED light bulb and you can have your Philips HUE set up, with the software.
Also I saw Vera came out with new control unit.