AC 220-240V Products?

I have been searching all over the place to find IoT AC 220-240V products and most of the stuff is designed for US consume.
Is there any good page that lists 220-240V stuff? Amazon doesn’t have a filter for it and it’s quite annoying. Some products don’t even have the Volt spec on their detail page.

I’m presently looking for white bulbs and a Wall Dimmer.

Are you using the US version of the SmartThings hub?

If so, see the following thread, including checking the links posted in that thread. :sunglasses:

Where are you located? ZWave frequency varies according to your country. Zigbee uses the same freq (2.4GHz) in all countries.

For instance, osram bulbs from Europe works at 220V. Aeon in wall dimmers works also 110-220V, but you need to know your Zwave frequency.

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I’m located in Chile, according to some website the freq is 919.80 MHz, 921.40 MHz, 921.42 MHz

From that I get that it will be a little hard getting zwave hardware? So I guess I better go with zigbee.

I have found some wall dimmers but none of them detail what Voltage they operate! Like these ones

It’s really annoying. Anyone have any clues ?

It sounds like you were looking at the 2012 chart. In 2015, Chile approved the same Z wave frequency as Mexico and the United States, which makes things somewhat easier. ( you can check that with the Z wave alliance to be sure.) Obviously you still have to worry about the voltage.

If you follow the links in the thread I gave you above, there are a number of other people using the US frequency hub with 220 or 240 voltage. The usual solution is to get the Aeotec in wall micros, as there are models available which will operate on the higher voltages. But again, details in the other threads.

As far as the zigbee devices, you will have to check the manufacturers’ sites for full specifications. However, I believe the azalea wall switch line is only rated for 120 V.

Thanks! That’s handy information. I crawled through the link you posted and it seems Aeon Labs seems the best option, on their Q&A in Amazon most of their products have an answer saying they are rated 110-235V AC :slight_smile:

Now I need to find bulbs that aren’t the expensive Hue Color bulbs :confused: (Those support 220V if anyone is wondering, but they are expensive).

Any tips for South American Zwave/Zigbee white bulbs?

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There are LIFX (wifi) & KudLed (zigbee). KudLed is cheap but the QC can be bad - I have already blew 2.

What kind of light socket do you use? Phillips does make a white only bulb which is much less expensive then the RGBW bulb. But it is only available for an A19/E26 socket.

We use E27 sockets here =(


Osram (in europe) has 220v GU10 sockets also.
I use Aeon in wall switch (dimmer and switch) and has been working flawless.

PM if you would like to know more about what things works in Chile (I’ve tested several equipments).


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Hello Rodrigo, how’re you? can you help me please to know more about what devices works in Chile? I know that Chile frecuency is 919.9 MHz and 921.4 MHz. Now I’m looking for products that works with plug type L.

Thanks so much!!