Hey everybody, its i am wondering about the use out side of the USA

does any one knows about a product that works on the same z-wave frequency of the US or Zigbee device, but also work with 220V 50 Hz, or if you knnow a solution for make smartthings work on South america (bolivia) thanks


I am using Smartthings hub in the Netherlands( EU -> 230V) and it works perfect.
The hub is powered by a usb cable from your modem/router,so it doesn’t get 230V. The hub also gets his internetcable from the modem/router

For switches or such, most switches can handle up to 250V. read the manual though.
You also need to make sure when you buy a z-wave device that it uses the USA frequency of 908.42 mhz, since the hub uses that frequency. Zigbee devices work everywhere on the same frequency (2.4 ghz)

The switches i got (and work perfectly with 230V):

The support told me that they couldn’t guarantee that it would work, but it does :smile:
I havn’t tried dimmers with 230V, they strongly adviced me to not use dimmers which are made for 110V to use with 230V, but offcourse i will try it :wink:


hi Dennis, thanks a lot that was very helpfull, i have one more quetions and it is about the neutral, could you explain me something about it please, is it posible to use those micro switches with out the neutral wair

So does it mean if I get one ST hub and couple of zigbee devices from US, I can use it in India too?

Also, does ST sell any z-wave devices? If the ST website says “communication protocol is ZigBee”, can I assume that I can use it in India?

I used them with a neutral wire. Without it, i doubt if it works.
I could test it for you if i have a switch too much, but that would take some time. Since i’m not yet done installing all switches, i won’t risk blowing up one, again :expressionless: The time i blew up a switch was because i switched the black wires :expressionless:

Zigbee devices will conntect to smartthings, nomather where you are. Since zigbee is world wide the same (2.4 ghz).
So yes it work for you in India. The devices that ST sell are indeed working on zigbee and will work.
But remember, if you buy z-wave devices with the usa frequency of 908.42hz, they will also work in india, or anywhere your hub is connected to the internet :slight_smile:

A list of the items ST confirmed that works with ST:

In fact, you can use any device with zigbee or z-wave 908.42Hz (USA frequency), as long as the device type is (made)

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thanks a lot Dennis, do you know if this thing about the neutral is because if the house has a star phase or a delta phase, and how could i fix it to make the devices work??, thanks again

Dennis, I heard a comment that in India the GSM band is overlapping the Z-Wave Smart things is supporting. Does it have any implications at all for me as far as only Smartthings products are being used? Also if I have other stuffs like Hue bulbs in India will it work?

Denis do you know any dimmer of 220v 50 hz that works with us frequency?

I just saw there were multiple questions from like ages ago, sorry.

@oli i do not know why the neuteral wire is needed. I didn’t study for an electrician so, i really don’t know what’s the real reason. I tried it without and it fails, i don’t think it is because of my houses phase, i think it’s more that the switch is made that it needs to release power over the neutral wire.

@thegopi I don’t live in india, though i know a bit about frequencies and if the z-wave modules in your home are sending signals at the same frequency as the local GSM band, you will have some issues. Your z-wave signal or your mobile signal will suffer anyhow if they work at the same frequency. Though, i cannot test this for you.

@aeabalos The Aeon labs seems to work at 230v,i don’t know if there’s also a dimmer which supports it. You should check the manuals. On this page: 220 volts Things some one else is ordering stuff with us frequency for 220/230v.

In most zwave and zigbee home automation devices, The neutral is used to power the device’s radio so that it can hear the next “on” command from the network even when it’s in “off” status. The same type of set up is used for many other protocols, including Wi-Fi switches. It’s just a simple way for the manufacturer to get power to the networked device’s communication controller.

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The following FAQ should also be of interest (this is a clickable link). Note that in some countries it is illegal to operate devices on the zwave frequency from another region because of overlap with mobile telephone or emergency services bands. Technically it might work, but you can face major fines or risk seizure of your equipment. But again, details in the following thread:

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Dennis, thanks for responding. I agree. I had the same input from couple of others here. So I have decided mostly to stick to zigbee and I should be fine:-)

Hola Oliver,

Un placer saludarte, queria consultarte si pudiste conectar el smartthings en Bolivia?, yo lo adquirĂ­ hace una semana y quiero instalarlo en Ecuador pero no he podido hasta el momento.


Si pude sin mayores problemas, cual fue tu dificultad…?