Multipurpose Sensors Inactive and Not Pairing

Pardon me if this is the wrong place, I’m new :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m having some issues of late with my Samsung multipurpose sensors. I have two that I set up on Sunday for door open/close sensing. They were both working wonderfully until yesterday when I noticed in the app one of the sensors was offline. Then I noticed the other sensor said the door was closed, but when I clicked on it, it said inactive and didn’t change status when I opened the door numerous times.

I pulled the sensor that was offline and carried it to the hub, which I did a hard reset of (removed batteries and every cable). Once the hub was back online and solid green, I pulled the sensor battery, held the button down and released as the new battery went in. The sensor began flashing blue as it’s supposed to but the hub won’t find it when searching for a new device.

I also removed the offline sensor from my device list and tried again with no luck. I probably went through the steps, including resetting the hub, close to 30 times with no luck.

Are both my sensors paperweights now?

Sorry to hear what you are going through with your sensors, this must be really frustrating. Your sensors are probably still fine. Many times when Zigbee devices become non-operational, just a battery pull will do the job and the sensor will come back online. Occasionally, you may need to do a reset which looks like what you did. When trying to add these devices back, they will get added back but the hub might not say anything. Just go and check to see if the sensors have gone back online. Zigbee devices retain their ID so they should go right back into their original slots.

If it’s still not working, we may need to look at some other options.

I’m experiencing the same issue this week. All of my zigbee sensors went offline. pulled the battery on all of them, reset the hub, removed and rejoined but nothing has gotten them back online. I’ll be following this thread too and am interested to see how you get it resolved

Still nothing. I removed one of the sensors from my device list so it’s gone entirely and won’t reconnect even when I put it in pair mode.

I think something maybe got messed up for me on the Monday update.

You may want to try a Zigbee heal which requires you to completely power off your hub for at least 15 minutes (remember to remove the back up batteries). This will put your Zigbee devices into “panic” mode and start looking for its nearest mains powered Zigbee modules such as a power outlet. Once you power up your hub again, your Zigbee mesh should be rebuilt and hopefully things will start working again.

If that doesn’t work, contact support and see if they can do anything from their side.

Thanks for the help. I ended up calling Samsung because nothing I could figure out would work. The issue ended up being interference with my router. Moving the hub as far as possible with the provide 2’ Ethernet and pointing the router antennas away from the hub solve the problem. Strange it was working fine before then all the sudden was interfered with.

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What worked for me was very simple. The battery had intermittent connection with the battery connector so I basically stuck a bit of tinfoil between the battery and the connector, held on by a little blob of blu tak, and voila…no disconnections. This was the fault on mine, not sure if it will work on others, but basically kept the constant power going. I put my problem down to shoddy workmanship, but as I say, others may not have the same problem as me.