Multipurpose sensor problems!


Have 2 brand new Samsung Multipurpose sensors. First one would not connect. Second didn’t report that it was connected but is actually did. But this one is very erratic. Works for a a few hours and then goes dormant and refused to communicate,

Am I the only one having problems with these? Should I send both back?

Note: Already removed batteries and re paired several times. Also did a hard reset on the Hub 2.0 (powered down and removed batteries with no improvement.

(Chris) #2

Hey there!

I definitely recommend reaching out to support. If it turns out that once of the devices is defective, we’ll certainly replace it for you.

“pairing in the background” is a bug that can happen from time to time, and I wouldn’t be too concerned about it as long as the sensor is working properly. It sounds like you might be experiencing some kind of interference. ZigBee operates very near the same 2.4 GHz frequency that Wireless G runs at, so if your Hub is right next to your WiFi router it can actually cause these kinds of issues and I’d recommend moving the Hub further away from the router or even switching to 5GHz WiFi if that’s a viable option for you.

While ZigBee is technically able to communicate with the Hub over a large distance, in your home you can realistically expect around 30 - 40 feet of range from the Hub before you need a repeater.