Multipurpose Sensor INactive/Offline?

I know this is probably an easy one for most of the members here but I’m not sure what to do.

I noticed my Multipurpose Sensor shows Inactive/Offline. I went ahead and removed it from the ST app but, as I suspected, it won’t let me add it back. It can’t find any new things. I just bought the kit on Black Friday so it’s ~2 weeks old. Surely the battery can’t be dead. It’s on my front door about 25 ft. away from the hub in straight line of sight so signal shouldn’t be an issue.

Is there anything obvious I can try before I go find a new battery?

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Ended up calling support.
She told me to remover the battery from my other MP sensor to see if it was a battery issue or a sensor issue.
I did that but she had me hold down the white button as I put the other battery in the sensor. When the LED lit (I think it was orange and then green?) then I let go. Seemed to find the device and I renamed it again.

So, off to the store to buy batteries tomorrow. But after searching here I see others also have batteries not last too long.

Not very happy with this so far.

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