Multipurpose sensors are not showing acceleration

I have 6 multi sensors, mostly used as contact sensors. The main reason is im having a hard time getting any of them to report acceleration and im not sure why. I have one on the door of the half bath, which is usually kept mostly closed, but not enough for the contact to close. So i want to have the sensor turn on the light when there is activity/movement. I had a webCore piston working for a week or so, but then for no apparent reason it stopped reporting acceleration. I still see open/close and temp, so i know its talking to ST. my other sensors also sporadically report acceleration, and mostly get stuck in “inactive”

ive put the sensor and hub into pairing mode, thinking that the pairing had somehow been lost (even though it reports other status), but that doesnt help. Thinking it might be a wifi issue with 2.4Ghz interference, ive changed my wifi channel a couple of times (which has resolved other zigbee issues, but not this one). Is there a different DTH i should use that will report acceleration better? I cant imagine i have 6 sensors with the same bad hardware, especially since they were ordered from 2 different places in a total of 3 orders.

Brand of sensor? Model number?

You might get more useful information if people comment on your particular hardware! :sunglasses:

They are Samsung smartthings branded multi purpose sensors.

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My experience with erratic reporting like only temp but not close open or acceleration is battery related, despite the level shown in app and IDE qpuld be correct.
Maybe you can have a try. I always reset the sensor upon battery change by pressing the button while inserting the battery in, the hub being in scan (add device).