ST Multi-Sensor reporting acceleration when there is none

Experiencing phantom acceleration detexted notifications on a stationary multi sensor. Is this “normal?” Any advice on how to fix?

It worked okay for about a year and recently started to report false detection mutliple tirms a day.

I recall that happening with my multi-sensors and replacing the battery fixed the problem in both cases (the battery % indicator isn’t very accurate for these sensors).

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Thanks I’ll give that a shot. Happy to hear it’s not ghosts.

IMO it is normal behavior for the 2nd gen ST multisensor that takes the coincell battery. So it is not reliable to indicate acceleration. There are many anecdotes of false acceleration reports in the forums.

I only changed the battery once in one device, I got further false accelerations, and sudden-death / inconsistent battery reports, so I marked them permanently-failed.

I don’t think they are reliable enough for anything important.

There’s a new model?

This is the latest.

that is the one I am referring to, part# F-MLT-US-2 , as gen2 , takes CR2450 coincell battery.

gen1 multisensor, part# unknown, takes 2x AAAA batteries. That has been reliable with long battery life, but appears to be out of production, and rare on the resale market. They should bring it back.