Trouble with Samsung multi sensor stops working

I bought one to try. It will work for a couple days and then stops reporting. It still shows online.
It is far away from the hub but there are zigbee bulbs that work fine right next to it.

It has happened twice. I take the battery out and put it back in, it goes right back to reporting.


This is exactly why I do not recommend these sensors. You can troubleshoot to your heart is content but I would suggest dumping that sensor and getting something more reliable. What are you using it for?

Contact-Iris or Visonic
Don’t have a recommendation for Tilt or Vibration.

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I was just going to use it for a closet light.

Support says it’s probably too far from the hub even though my zigbee bulbs work fine at that distance. I was unaware that zigbee bulbs were not repeaters.

I’m testing it now closer to the hub.

The battery is most likely dead, Even though it is reporting 100%. There is currently an issue with the battery reporting with these sensors.

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I’ve been having some issues with the ST PIR. One of them reports motion but doesn’t trigger the Smart Lighting routines to turn on my hue.

The hue lights work separately.

Changing the battery didn’t help BUT, what DOES fix it is going through all the rules for that device in Smart Lighting and clicking NEXT… NEXT… NEXT etc. and clicking SAVE.

Re-saving your rules sets “resets” it and it starts to work again.

It’s driving me insane!!!