SmartThins Multi Sensor reporting false acceleration several times a day

I have a SmartThings Multi Sensor that just started reporting false acceleration several times a day now for last 3 days.What gives?

Is it installed on a garage door? In my case the wind would set the acceleration alert off all the time when it was blowing.

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Nope. Inside. Using it as a doorbell sensor. Had it for ~3 months. Just
started doing it a few days ago. Battery says 78%.

I use a dry contact sensor made by Aeon Labs connected to a reed relay placed near the coil of the doorbell. Never missed a ring or had a false alarm.

Have you tried actually measuring the battery’s voltage to ensure it is actually still charged?.. Or just replace it with a new one as a test. My multi sensor was reporting 60% but it was only sending temp but no tilt values. Turns out the battery was too low even though it was reported at 60% charge. ST confirmed it is an issue they are working on resolving with a future sensor firmware update.

I think there was a firmware update the other day that broke a few things. ST support says to remove the battery, wait and replace it to see if it fixes it

I’ve submitted a patch to ST to adjust the acceleration values to make it less (or more) sensitive. Hopefully it’ll be put into production shortly and available via local processing to all.

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