Multipurpose Sensor

The multipurpose sensor triggers a notification when a door is opened. How do I set it so that a vibration (e.g. broken window) also triggers the same notification? I looked everywhere in the app but could not find a setting for it! Thanks

Something that should work for you would be the Laundry Monitor app. Got to Marketplace>SmartApps>More and then select and install the Laundry app. Select the sensor you want to use, and I think it allows you to send a message of your choice via your phone.

I’d strongly recommend not using the Multipurpose sensor in this way. Vibration (acceleration) alone is not a strong enough indicator that a window has broken. Additionally, the accelerometer is programmed to be very sensitive. Depending on the construction of your home and the location of the window a truck driving by or a burst of wind could be enough for the sensor to detect acceleration.

Proper glass break sensors monitor for the sound of glass breaking - not vibration or acceleration.

The Laundry Monitor SmartApp will not work for this usage. It has logic that monitors for a period of inactivity after vibration in order to determine if the laundry machine is finished with a cycle.

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notify me when in safety and security will work @Tyler is right though, they are very sensitive so your mileage may vary. I had 1 notifying on door knocks that i had to stop, cause my neighbor closing their apt door was enough to set it off, but i have 1 taped to the bell on my doorbell and that works perfectly for door bell notifications.

Well, I was just trying to help. Now I am sad that I caused an issue

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No issues caused buddy, helping is a good thing but I’m still learning too and get it wrong some times!

OK, thanks. But, is there a way to be notified through the main app (i.e. dashboard) if a window has been broken into? I’m asking because I use ST solely as a home security system and would expect it to be able to tell me if a window has been broken to gain access…

I know there are a few others using glass break sensors, pairing and setting the device type as a motion detector at that point it would show up like any other motion sensor. you would then get it on your “dashboard” or SHM. You will need to spend sometime in the forums reading what others have had success with and just an importantly where they failed.

Certainly not pushing a specific product, but there are options for you to do what you want.

I am not sur how you would go about testing break detectors other than smashing in a few windows. I really think my wife might not get over me doing that. :slight_smile:

Just to clarify since this topic has come up again, be aware that most products sold as “glass break sensors” are not vibration sensors of any kind. Instead they are acoustic sensors which listen for a specific noise pattern that comes from breaking glass. They won’t help at all if you are looking for a laundry sensor.

the vision sensor people have mentioned is not an acoustic sensor – – it’s really just a vibration sensor. If you read the manual you’ll see that if you want to use it as a “glass break” sensor you’re supposed to have it attached to the specific window where you expect the glass to be broken.

Again in contrast, most sensors sold as glass break sensors can be put anywhere in the room and they will react to any of the windows in the room being broken. Because they are listening for sound. Here is one example.

So just make it sure you understand what kind of sensor you need, and what kind of sensor you are considering buying, because there is a big difference. :sunglasses:

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Has anyone figure out how to get the Utilitech Glass Break Sensor to work on a a SmartThings hub2?
I got it to pair as a Zwave device; however, it just loads as inactive… with no switch to change it’s Staus to even trigger the sensor … tried everything but code…

Or am I barking up the wrong tree and wasted 39$ at Lowes for a zwave glass break sensor … no issue getting it to pair … issue is how do I get it out of inactive mode?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!