Z-Wave Shock, Vibration & Glass Break Sensor

Hey folks! First post here, but am curious to know if anyone has tried this: http://shop.getvera.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=VSN-ZS5101US

I’m looking for a Z-Wave vibration sensor. I know SmartThings sells a Zigbee version, but I’m looking for something specifically Z-Wave.

I purchased a Vision ZS 5101US shock sensor to add to my SmartThings system. It will connect and report but I cannot attach any function such as alarm to it. I’m looking for some assistance in making it trigger my alarm when I am away!

I was able to enable it to trigger my alarm by switching the device type to a motion sensor. However this only activated the alarm for a few seconds before the sensor went back to “sleep.” To do this, go to “Developers”, sign up if necessary, then click “My Devices”, select the shock sensor, click Edit, then change the type to “Z-Wave Motion Sensor.”

I’m going to play with it some more tomorrow and see if I can get it fully functional.


Thanks for the tip, it works as a motion sensor! Your response also introduced me to the online tools which I was not aware existed (hadn’t been in the developer section before).

I hate bumping old topics but I just picked one of these up.

I did your suggestion with turning it into motion. Did you have any other breakthroughs?

Bump again, anyone have luck using it?

Should I set it to “Motion Detector” or “Motion Sense Capability” in the My Devices list part of the graph IDE?

I thought I had it set properly last night. I added it to the network at 7:26, it saw it as a “Z-wave Door/Window Sensor”, read it’s battery level and reported an ‘alarm7 is active’. Afterward any jostling of it (it’s a spring-based motion detector) would trigger a door open. The unit is designed to send an off command after 10 seconds. I see door open/close messages that appear to support that timing.

But at 11:33 the log shows “ZS 5101 zwdevice is 0C, command” and now nothing reports to the log. I believe the hardware itself is OK, in that it lights up it’s LED when the case is removed. It doesn’t illuminate the LED for any other reason (not on motion, which makes calibration tedious…)

If I switch the device type back to Door/Window sensor it will send an open when I move it, and follow that with a close if I leave it rest. So, clearly it’s still on the z-wave network and the hub is interacting with it.

So what’re the correct debugging steps here?

Did anyone get this to work properly, when I choose "zwave motion sensor it always shows motion, and when I slam it, it shows an event only sometimes…

Ok, actually if I put it back to the default “zwave door/window sensor” it shows closed and when I slam it it shows open for a bout 10 seconds…this should work fine.