Using the ST Multi-Sensor acceleration detection (vibration) for security?

Just curious, do any of you use the vibration detection of the Multi as a pseudo-glass break detector? I presume it would work well, as long as you don’t get a lot of false alarms. Is the Mutli reliable to be used in that way (detecting that somebody is pounding on a door or window, trying to break in)?

I think you’ll get too many false alarms. Glass break detectors look for a very specific audio pattern for just this reason. But you could try one and see.

People do use them as a door knock detector, but with varying results. It depends very much on the acoustic properties of the particular door. For some people it works great, for others it never goes off, and still others get false alarms for everything from a truck going by to a kid running down the hallway.

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I was thinking about sticking an acceleration sensor on the washer and dryer to notify me when the load was done.
Any other Ideas on this?

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Sounds like that would work fine

Many people do this, and there is a specific smart app already included in your mobile app to do just that.

You might want to take a look at the list of currently officially available smart apps for more ideas. :sunglasses: