Notify Me When (Motion - Multipurpose Sensor)

I’ve got 5 multipurpose sensors set to notify me when motion is detected. The sensors are installed inside stationary items (just sitting motionless). I’m finding that consistently as batteries approach 70%, they begin to trigger without motion. I’m guessing there is simply more acceleration noise as the battery level decreases.

Are there other smart apps that I could use perhaps that allow for configuration of amore aggressive motion threshold in XYZ that is required to set the notify event?


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Hi Ben, your post is not making much sense to me so let’s clarify a few points first.

  1. Which sensor are you using? The Smartthings multipurpose sensor is the sensor you would usually mount on a door. It works with a magnet. If there is a slight movement but the magnet is still in range of the sensor you will get a message something like, “Kitchen Door Sensor Is Active.” You will not get an intrusion alert . When the magnet gets out og range of the magnet SHM will trigger an event and give you an intrusion alert.

  2. Smartthings Motion Detector detects movement by picking up on small changes in heat, (not exactly technically accurate but accurate enough for this discussion). They can be placed anywhere as long as the front of the sensor has no obstacles in front of it.

At this point I know of now way to change or capture the sensitivity of the multipurpose sensor. Battery life varies among sensors tremendously depending on many factors. My kitchen and front door sensors have the batteries die a lot quicker than sensors on doors that are rarely opened. Also the temperature readings that you see in your app are not necessarily accurate. If you are getting inaccurate readings go ahead and replace the battery first to see if this fixes your problem. Just before the batteries in my multipurpose sensors would die, I would start getting false acceleration readings if this is what you are referring to.

There is a known issue with multipurpose sensors (not motion) which at this time there is no fix or work around. The only way I have found to get reporting of acceleration is from the ASK ALEXA app, when you obtain Device status. This is how I found which ones were faulting, other then if I had an app (door knocker) that would be triggered, indicating the malfunctioning of these devices.

What I was trying to clarify was that I suspected Ben was using these multipurpose sensors to monitor if something moved, but I was not sure. I had so many false alarms with the multipurpose sensors on my doors that I had to turn that feature off for all of my multipurpose sensors.

I think that is a good guess. The ST multipurpose sensors have been noted with unexpected behaviour at 66-77% and they just stop talking. I don’t know a way to tweak the thresholds but that might be a waste of time anyway. You may get better results with a PIR motion sensor, open/close sensor with carefully placed magnet, or Zwave tilt sensor.

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Shoot, that’s unfortunate. Those things aren’t cheap either. I’ll have to find another solution to monitor gross movement.