Multipurpose Sensor tamper/break and Smart Home Monitor

I’ve deployed the smartthings multipurpose sensors on my windows and configured smart home monitor to alert off them.

I notice for any open/close window event, the alarm will go off.

However if I tap hard on the multipurpose sensor, the thing itself reports ‘active’ but doesnt trip the smart home monitor as an event.

This makes me think one can break the window and get into the house, just so long as the magnets remain in contact.

Is this expected behavor? Is the tamper/break sensor not an accurate way to measure window breakage?

Have a look here:
ST Multi Sensor as Glass Break/Motion for SHM


no, it is not accurate. Thumps from inside and outside sounds, and birds, do occur to windows often enough to false alarm. Security industry glassbreak detectors typically listen for low and high frequency sounds together.

You are right that breaking the glass without dislodging the magnet, will probably not alarm. Hopefully the motion sensor will.

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