ST Multi Sensor as Glass Break/Motion for SHM

I’m really digging the Universal Virtual Device Type.

I have some ST multi/door sensors on some windows. I want to integrate them with SHM not just go off when the window opens, but also if it detects motion (breaking window or going through screen if window is already open).
The ST Multi sensor does open/close, temp, and acceleration. SHM only uses open/close and motion (ie, the acceleration doesn’t trigger an alarm). So to convert the acceleration (breaking glass or going through screen) into a motion detector I used the uDTH to create a virtual motion sensor (auto shut off after 30 seconds). Then used Smart Lighting App to turn on my new motion uDTH when the ST Multi sensor senses acceleration. Now SHM can use the uDTH motion sensor to trigger an alarm, even if the window is open.

Universal Virtual Device Type Handler settings:

SmartLighting Smart App Settings: