Any ideas how to detect burglar that breaks window to bypass Multipurpose Sensors?

Wait for it… …Besides the Glass Break Sensor from Lowes? Not entirely confident in this device.

When security set to Armed (Home) it disables the motion sensors that would normally detect this type of burglar. But if Armed (Away), Motion detectors are on to be totally effective, but this mode doesn’t play well at night if someone gets up during the night and sets off as false alarm. It like the system is half effective this way.

Just trying to find out best method for something that seems so common.

Thanks for the help!

More info: there is burglar in the nearby neighborhoods that is doing this. Still haven’t caught him. He bypasses the door sensors totally by throwing rock through window and getting in. Brazen. He’s getting in the cars in driveway too like it’s nobody’s business.

Pretty sure a hit hard enough to break the glass would trip vibration sensor…

Glass break sensors work by detecting the sound of breaking glass. If the thief is breaking the window to avoid a smart sensor on the window frame, they’d have to break it pretty thoroughly to fit through said window. I’d be very surprised if the sensor didn’t pick that up.

You need an automated way to disarm and re-arm the alarm to cover this. I have a routine that if our master bedroom door open in night mode then it disarms SHM. Then re-arms when it closes.

Yeah, that’s a good idea…as long as you keep that door shut. Guess coukd use a Samsung Motiin Sensor as a trigger, but custom Arm (Home) settings to allow that particular motion sensor too work as a sensor. Great ideas never would have thought about right off the bat.

Yeah, I guess I could use multipurpose sensors on every downstairs window to detect both vibration and open/close. Will get pricey (lot of batteries too) with so many windows though…but still cheaper than a break in.

That’s what I do. If there is motion as I exit my bedroom while in sleep mode, a downstairs light turns on so I can see and verifies to me that SHM has been disarmed. Once there is no motion from any sensor for 10 minutes the light shuts off and SHM arms.

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What logic/app are you using for that? I rarely have mine armed at all when home since the WAF is too low to have alerts going off in the middle of the night because one of us got up.

Also to the multipurpose sensors…I don’t know if they all act this way, but my ST sensors are mostly useless for monitoring for vibrations. They trigger constantly so I removed them from any automation routines.

Not sure who you were referring the question to but webCoRE allows you to create simple to extremely complicated routines/rules/automations.

You mean the utilitech sensor right? Any reason in particular you’re less confident in this device than others?


Well, I’d hate to depend on this and it not properly pick up the sound/thump and/or not within range etc.

I feel like I’d have to break my windows to test it to be totally confident in it, but obviously not going to do that.

I’ve used sounds from youtube from my cell phone turned all the way up and right on the mic to set it off, but I really need to use a louder speaker within range to properly test it, then it may suffice.

I am just really wondering if any other ideas besides the glass break sensor and motion sensors that are off in Arm (Home) mode.

You can buy a glass break tester at Lowes or Home Depot or even Amazon. Simulates the sound of broken glass. Mine works pretty well.

If you have the money they make alarm screens that have a wire woven into the screen itself and a reed switch/magnet you put in the window frame. If someone removes the screen or cuts it the alarm goes off.

I’ll have to check that out.