Vision Glass Break Detector

(Daniel Gracie) #1

Has anybody had luck with these from Vision?


“Glass break detector” is a bit optimistic–this is a vibration detector. So note that in order to detect glass breaking it has to be mounted on the window, unlike newer technology glass break detectors which look for an acoustic pattern match and can be mounted on the ceiling or across the room. Basically if this one gets shaken hard enough, it alerts.

Some community members have been able to get it to pair as a motion sensor.

(Eric) #3

“Real” glassbreaks aren’t super-reliable anyway - they can false alarm in odd ways. My dishwasher sets one off occasionally - or it might be my attic fan mounted on the same wall 20 feet up. Shock sensors are hardly better, one good lightning strike nearby and you can’t de-sensitize any of them enough to filter that out. If you aren’t in the house then you wouldn’t know there was no actual impact to window, you would just get the alarm notification that has to be verified by other means. It’s a good time to ask a neighbor to look for you.

Still I am looking forward to seeing Zwave glassbreaks in the near future, and 1 for a group of windows will be cheaper than 1 shock sensor per window.


I hear you! :blush: A security camera might help, too.