Help - Mobile presence login

(Cpester) #1

Hi all,

I was using my mobile phone as a presence sensor, I noticed that it was not changing my presence as I left and came to the house so I thought that I would reinstall it. I deleted my phone in the app as a presence sensor, restart the app and then went to add my phone back as a presence sensor. I then received the following error.

“Warning! This mobile phone is already set up as a mobile presence device” Okay, I will go look into my things and see if I can find it… nope it does not show as a presence in the system.

I deleted the app from my phone then and reinstalled to see if that would correct but I am having the same issue…

Thanks in advance

(Eric) #2

Does it show up in the device list @

(Cpester) #3

No, it shows my wife but not mine

(Eric) #4

Are you logged into any other phones with the same account?

(Cpester) #5

Just my wifes phone

(Eric) #6

So is the phone you deleted the app on your phone or wife’s? The reason I ask is… (not that you are a dummy)

(Cpester) #7

It was on my iphone… but let me review the link that you sent and play around with it when I get home. Thanks

(Jeffrey) #8

Also in the future I would recommend killing the app and restarting it. Should be no reason to remove the app.

(Cpester) #9

Okay, That shows me how to set up my phone, but does not correct the issue that I have.

It seems somewhere in the ST app that my phone is set up as a presence, even though my phone does not show up anywhere in ST.

(Eric) #10

I don’t think you can have the same account logged into two devices and use them both as presence devices. I am just guessing. If you setup your wife’s phone to use a different account I think your phone might work.

(Eksmith) #11

same thing happen to me come to find out it was detecting my wife’s phone as presence for me deleted both and reinstalled both.

(Cpester) #12

Perfect. Will try that and see if it works. Thank you all

(Chris) #13

You can, I do. I’ve read that is not ideal but it’s been working for me. knocks on wood

(Cpester) #14

Thanks Eksmith and whoismoses. That worked and now it is up and running.