Multiple Hubs, One Location - ZWave Issues adding devices to two different hubs on one location

Had a good search on this and can’t find anything up to date.

You can now have 2 hubs in one account and for ST own devices this has been working for me great.

However I’ve gone to add some Z-Wave devices today and I just can’t seem to add them through the new app on either hub? They add just fine on the old app but this seems to support the first hub.

Any ideas on how I could make the work?


Model numbers of the two hubs?

Both V3’s bought about 3 months ago

Why do you need two hubs in one location?

Z-Wave range. 4 hops just doesn’t get me far enough and devices at the edge keep dropping.

Are you picking a device from the list when adding?

Then I would use repeaters instead of two hubs. Much cheaper and easier.

Repeater’s use up hops though. My issue is I’m running out of hops.

Depends on the deivce, some are not in the list to pick so usually wait for them to appear. Now Ive split back to two locations it seems to work again but now idea what I could do to get it back under one.

With the V3, in the new app, you have to pick a device from the list to add to get the hub into pairing mode.

But you get 4 hops. That’s a range of 240 feet in any one direction. I’ve seen reports of people with 4,000 sqft single story homes not requiring anything more than repeaters for their Z-wave and Zigbee mesh networks. So, unless you’ve tried it, I wouldn’t automatically assume that you are having a problem. You might think you’re running out of hops just because that’s the route it chose that has the best performance but if you extended the network the device would choose a route that takes less hops. I wouldn’t assume that you’d run out of hops first. But if you are running into that problem, you might want to look at Zigbee instead. That allows for 15 hops.

I don’t think you can have multiple hubs in one location. Each hub would need it’s own location.

Maybe for STSC but not in classic. Plus, if they are in the same location, you can still only control one hub at a time, so what difference does that make? You’re still not getting them all under one umbrella.

Thanks Ryan.

Ive definitely tried it, for about a year! It works but very unreliably, its usually rain that kills it off totally. 2 hubs works far better.

Zigbee just doesn’t have the range of devices, especially for garage door and gate controllers for example. Plus I have the zwave modules!

Having them at the same location makes then available in the same instance of webcore which is what is important to me. I don’t control anything by the app in daily use. I call pistons in webcore from my own app.

Just seems like an annoying bug and wondered if anyone else had tried and failed or succeeded?