Hub V2 user, Zigbee not working, can i go for another hub v3 for same location

I have a V2 hub. about a year back post a major update, my zigbee stopped working. ST support say it is still working as per their remote tests, although none of my zigbee devices respond. I have tried all sorts of troubleshooting, including channel change, reset of zigbee devices, trying with ST keyfob etc and my conclusion is that the zigbee module is not responding anymore.

Can i go for another hub for the same location so that i can put the zigbee devices onto it?
will the things interoperate? e.g. a motion in hub 1 can trigger a switch in hub 2? (this can be done via IFTTT but is it possible directly too?)
will presence of two hubs be a problem? (i am thinking of hub v3, which is wifi enabled so i can keep it in a different location.)

Anyone who has experience of using two hubs in the same location?

SmartThings currently does not permit 2 Hubs in one Location container.

That severely limits interaction and convenience if you choose to run 2 Hubs.

Thanks Terry, this is rather sad.

I think this may be changing with the new App and/or API and/or Hubs.

The object data model always supported multiple Hubs per Location container, but there was no UI, and certain SmartApp/DTH functions were ambiguous.

The new specs are evolving, so it’s hard to keep up - if/when this change, SmartThings ought to make a big deal and at least post a Blog entry… But they don’t do that anymore…

Multiple Hubs are not appropriate for every household though, regardless, as it may just result in more RF interference.

So the SmartThings Support Knowledge Base indeed now says that a Location can contain multiple Hubs.

I presume this only works properly in the New App because it is essential during the “add Thing” process that the user be able to specify which Hub to join … and I think that flow wouldn’t just be arbitrarily squeezed into the Classic App.

For it to work seamlessly, the automations and devices registered on different hubs will have to interoperate seamlessly.

And like you said, the new app which is still a distant sight for users like me :frowning:

Personally I like the wifi approach (for devices) more than zigbee and zwave, as it does away with the hub alltogether!

Although I know that it has its own drawbacks too.

But wifi devices are so much more responsive and easier to manage and troubleshoot!