Can I use 2 smartthings v2 hubs on the same network?

Can I use 2 smartthings v2 hubs on the same network? One hub used for “Home” and the other for a detached “Garage”? I have a few z-wave only switches in my garage that also act as repeaters and work well with my “home” hub. The problem I’m having is I can’t to get a signal for my zigbee devices. I know my Home hub is well out of range and I was considering the Samsung SmartThings Outlet to act as a repeater but for the price, I think I would rather purchase the hub. Help please!! Thanks in advance.

The answer is yes, as long as you have WIRED network available for both and aren’t attempting to share devices (each device can only be attached to one controller/hub).


Yes but as diehllane said, you can only attach a device to one hub or the other. Also, when controlling devices via your phone you first have to select the hub to which a particular device is attached to. E.g Hub 1 = house, hub 2 = garage.
If the option "My Location on your mobile is set to Hub 1 and you want to control a device attached to hub 2 you must select “My Location” option, select hub 2 then find the device you want to control.

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I decided to purchase an additional hub for my garage. I’ll just switch locations in the iPhone app when I need to. Thank you very much for your time and information!

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Isn’t one ST hub enough trouble? Two is calling for divorce if married. :wink: