Adding Second Hub

I have the ST V3 hub and have a few ecolink 2.5 window sensors that sometimes go offline. I added the GE Z Wave plus outlet to the upstairs location hoping the outlet would improve Z Wave for the affected sensors however, this provided no positive results. Has anyone added a second hub to the same location? Can two coexist?

It works but -not supported. You’re better off in the long run building out a strong mesh anyhow. especially if they’re within reach of what a repeater would cover.

How far are the devices from one another?

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Direct appx 20’ however, several walls and metal duct work in between, it’s basement to second floor.
When adding devices with two hub setup , should I keep automation devices on same hub or can I mix?

20’’. I highly suspect this isnt a range issue with ZWave plus devices. Worse case you just need a few more to ensure theres not a single path.

I’ll reserve how you set that up to someone whonhas multiple hubs … But at 20’ apart Id highly advise not going that route. Even with ducts you coukd saturate the area with enough repeaters to make it work. Also after you added the GE (with Plus you shouldn’t technically need it… But) did you run a ZWave repair to get the routes to recac?

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Yes, I ran repair from the app and from the IDE. I could add another Z Wave outlet. Perhaps time will fix the z wave mesh.

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