Multiple hubs on the same LAN?

Thinking about getting my teenage son his own SmartThings hub for his room for his birthday. I’m hoping it inspires him to learn a little bit of coding, or, at least, some rules with CoRE.

Is there any reason why 2 hubs couldn’t run on the same LAN? Any fiddly UPnP, ARP, DNS, etc. things that would cause them to conflict? I can’t think of any reason why they couldn’t coexist, but I thought I’d ask the community for a sanity check.

EDIT: To clarify, he’d have his own account and his own devices. No need to share devices across hubs. In fact, I would prefer not to share devices, because I don’t want the security of my garage doors and front door deadbolt to be dependent on his crappy information security hygiene. :slight_smile:


With SmartThings … ya never know what quirks my show up; but I’d be optimistic enough to try.

I think the greatest risk is with LAN connected Devices (e.g., Philips Hue Bridge); since “SmartThings’s Super LAN Connect” is going to attempt to add these to both Hubs. Which… might even still work just fine.


We have had members do this in the past successfully, but the problem now, as @tgauchat mentions, is SuperLAN Connect, which will indeed keep adding any LAN – connected devices that it recognizes, such as a Phillips hue bridge, to both accounts. You can delete the devices after they’ve been added, but they will keep reappearing. It’s a big Account management issue in my opinion, such is for those who want to have an Airbnb space or a “mother-in-law” apartment or, as you mentioned, for teens. But at the present time there’s nothing you can do about it unless you also set up a separate ethernet connection.

If you only have zwave and zigbee devices, it shouldn’t be an issue.


Cool. I don’t think I have any devices that support that connection method. Even if we did, they’re not a security threat (like deadbolts or garage doors) or a potential safety issue (like my fireplace, which I’ve got controlled by a relay) so we’re good.

Thanks so much!

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Why not put his new hub on a separate vlan
That way there could be no possibility of any interference between hubs