Wifi devices in a different network from hub (Calling all network geeks)

I have a few networks at home. Wired/Trusted (where my hub sits), Trusted Wifi, and Guest Wifi. All three seperate networks but I can open ports between them to make devices work.

Has anyone tried getting a wireless device to work in a different network than the hub resides in?

I’ve always been leery of cheap no-name chinese wireless devices with who knows what sitting on my trusted network. But they’ve become so cheap lately.

Pretty much all of those cheap Wi-Fi devices are going to be cloud to cloud to smartthings anyway, so it’s a non-issue what network they’re on. :sunglasses:

Smartthings offers very few LAN integrations, the only one I know of off the top of my head is the Phillips hue bridge, but that one also offers a cloud to cloud integration for those who don’t have a SmartThings hub at all.

So in a smartthings set up, I honestly don’t think the Wi-Fi networks are going to be an issue.

That was the other thing I was curious about. Never trying the wifi stuff, I wasn’t sure if the hub scanned the local network for them or used some sort of cloud to cloud connection.

It does scan the network through a process they call “superLAN connect,“ But there are almost no brands/devices in that integration. I know the hue bridge is, and harmony hub used to be but no longer is. They were talking about putting LIFX bulbs into it, but I don’t know if they ever did.

But pretty much everything else, and definitely most cheap devices from China, are cloud to cloud or what they call “direct connect integration,” which means you can connect the Wi-Fi device to the smartthings cloud without having to go through its manufacturers cloud.

There aren’t very many direct connect devices at this time, although you can do it with some sonoff devices if you have flashed the firmware. You can find discussion of those in the forum.

For a while now, smartthings has allowed for a “hub optional“ set up, since at this point a high percentage of their customers have Samsung smart appliances or televisions, and don’t have a hub. So those connections all go through the smartthings cloud as well.

Gotcha. I’ve done some reading in the past on the Sonoff stuff.

For this example I found the a TPlink Kasa plug that is cloud to cloud.

The past few years I’ve used my old GE zwave plugs for Christmas lights, but since moving everything to Zwave plus I really don’t want to re-introduce those to the mesh. And I’m limited by what I can find locally in stores…

Yes, TP Link Kasa and Meross are two popular Inexpensive and quite well engineered WiFi brands that have some models that have an official integration in the new V3 app. Both are cloud to cloud integrations. :sunglasses: