Hub(s) set-up in duplex-house situation

My brother and I have built a duplex where the basement/1st floor is one unit and the 2nd/3rd floor are one unit. We plan on sharing one internet/cable system in the basement for both units but each having our own smartthings system for each of our units. Will there be issues if we each try to plug two Smartthings hub into the router, one that he is the user for and sets up his smart-devices with and vice-versa with me?

That should be fine. The router connection is just used for Internet communication. As long as each hub is on a separate account, they’ll be treated independently by the cloud.

Thank you, glad to hear that!

One situation that I am worried about is that we will have a shared garage. Say we want to smarten up the garage door with the Linear GoControl Garage Door Opener is there a way that we can both control it from our separate hubs/accounts or can it only be connected to one hub/account?

It can only be controlled directly from one account. There are some “man in the middle” options you can use.

For example, you could have one account send a text message to IFTTT for the other account and have that then open or close the garage.

Usually you do this kind of thing by setting up a “proxy” for the garage door on the account which doesn’t have direct control of it. It would just be a virtual switch to show you if the garage was open or closed. Then you would have turning that switch on on account to B send a text to the IFTTT account associated with smart things hub A, with an issue the actual open command to the garage door controller.

There are some other similar ways of operating. This will sound like a joke, but it isn’t. I once worked on an account where there were two different systems in the building which couldn’t communicate with each other. We had the first system turn on a fan which then triggered a motion sensor connected to the other system.

So there are definitely ways to do it, it just depends on the exact details of what you’re trying to accomplish. But you can’t have both systems controlling the same zwave device directly.

Look into the Raspberry Pi GPIO device. It uses HTTP calls to open/close by enabling or disabling a pin.

If you have a HTTP enabled device, it can be hit from anywhere inside the house to control it. Like, two hubs.
Otherwise, you’ll need two controllers that both connect to the opener… One for each system.

Thanks! Might end up pushing off the automated garage until later when we have the energy/smarts to get more complicated or do a coin flip for who gets to be connected :wink:


Or maybe add 2 motion sensors to the door, with one motion sensor paired to Hub A and the other to Hub B? Each account will then have independent knowledge of the door condition. And to open, close the door, an alternative solution such as IFTTT will do the trick.
If you are prepared to add a second garage door controller to the same door, the same would apply as with the sensors.